Sunday, August 3, 2008


There was a very local, very strong storm here on Saturday. The wind direction changed rapidly several times. The winds were strong enough to knock over 5 trees on the property, split a couple more in half, and tore huge pieces off of all of the rest of them. The phone line to the house was ripped off the telephone pole, the telephone pole was broken, the pots on my front porch were thrown about 30 feet into the next field.

Here's the storm headed my way (I am standing behind the house). Does it look like a tornado to you?

The garden, flattened by winds, smashed by a huge tree branch, fence collapsed. Most of the plants were knocked over, uprooted, or squashed, but amazingly enough everything seems to be fairly OK after straightening it back out.

A couple of the trees that were snapped by the winds. The landlord had already come by with a chainsaw and removed the trees off of the telephone line.

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