Wednesday, October 1, 2014

D blocks for the Spring: Aspen Glow Quilt Along

Not a lot of time this week to post!  But, here are my various D blocks for the spring version of the Aspen Glow quilt.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Block B for the winter version of Aspen Glow

And here are my completed B blocks for the larger, queen-sized version using the winter setting of the Aspen Glow pattern available from Cora's Quilts:
I'm doing this version in queen-size, and produced a giant pile of blocks during sewing!  This is one of the only times there wasn't a cat sitting on them as well.

So far I've only done mint blocks, so it will be neat to start in on the other fabrics for the next set of blocks.

Blocks C1 and C2 for the Spring version of Aspen Glow

It took all day (in between doing other things), but I finished the C blocks for the twin-sized Aspen Glow quilt I'm making using Bluebird Park:

 Lines of little chain-pieced strips for the C blocks.

The completed blocks.  I'm using the Autumn setting for this quilt, so I actually do have a C1 and C2 version of the block. All of the ones visible in this picture are C1 (green on the bottom).  The C2 blocks have yellow patterns on the bottom.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Block A for Winter and Block B for Spring: Aspen Glow pattern

After I got the flu shot and then promptly came down with a bad head cold for a week, I finally felt well enough today to get a little piecing done for the Aspen Glow quilt along.

These are blocks A for the large (queen-sized) winter version of the quilt.  I really like the background color I'm using for this one.  It's light stone gray, but to me it looks like the color of my morning coffee, which is actually half coffee and half creamer.  The mint pattern is from Winter's Lane.

I also sewed through block B for the spring version (it's actually the autumn pattern, but I'm making it with the spring-y fabrics of Bluebird Park.
I had to use the flash on this one- it is getting darker earlier and earlier every day. :( At least the weather has decided to cool down to something more appropriate for September.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Block A for Aspen Glow Quilt-Along: Bluebird Park

I managed to get all of my squares and rectangles cut for my Bluebird Park version of the Aspen Glow pattern.  There is a little bit more time here in September before things just become totally crazy with my job, so I went ahead and finished Block A for this quilt:
 Squirrel-y block.
I am working with fat eights of material, so it was necessary to use more than one fabric in the line for the "medium gray" squares in these blocks.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Aspen Glow Quilt Along

The Cora's Quilts Aspen Glow quilt along is starting on 9/1/14 and I signed up.  It's my first quilt along ever (cyber or real).

These Bluebird Park fat eighths have been sitting around in my stash for a while, so when I saw there was a quilt pattern using Kate and Birdie Paper Co fabrics, I thought, "hey I should make that and I can use these."
This picture was actually taken a week ago- I finished cutting these into pieces for a lap quilt, though I am still working on the many little pieces of white fabric.

Believe it or not, I have ambitions of completing a second Aspen Glow quilt for our queen bed.  This does not mean that the quilt will cover the entire bed, because DH is sort of like a spaghetti spoon in bed and twirls everything - sheets, quilts, sometimes cats- around him as he tosses and turns at night.  But, I can certainly use it if this winter was anything like last winter.

So, here is the general idea for the fabrics for the second quilt.  Some Winter's Lane, a plaid called Honky Tonk Chili Pepper Campfire Coffee (!) by Moda, taupe fabric from the local quilt store for the background.  I'm probably not using the gray with white flowers for this one- but it works as a stand-in until the real fabric arrives.
I wanted something similar to the color choices in the winter color-way as described in the pattern instructions.  It should match the bedroom wall color, and I just like the mint, red, and white together.  One of my favorite color combinations.

I look forward to seeing what others choose for their fabrics!

Goodnight Moon! the quilt

The wonky star quilt took nearly a year of fiddling, procrastinating, and finally quilting for me to complete.  It is beautiful and I already love cuddling with it (and usually a cat).

And then I saw this Goodnight Moon fabric on sale online, and when it got to my house I made a complete quilt out of it in three days.  Three days! If inspiration would always hit so quickly.  (Maybe not- I can't really afford to make a quilt every three days).

I love Goodnight Moon.  This was required, repeated reading in the house growing up, and since I was the oldest of four kids, I did my share of reading it to the younger kids.
There were actually these panels for sale, which are from Quilting Treasures, and also some organic fabric with Goodnight Moon patterns from Cloud 9 was on sale.

I didn't follow a pattern. I cut out the individual panels and then made borders around each one so that they came out to be all the same size.  Originally, two panels were smaller than the others.

I decided to use the rest of the fabric in what I guess you could call a three-patch pattern - one long rectangular block paired with two square blocks to create a larger square.  I included some white blocks in there to stretch the Goodnight Moon fabric farther, but also to break up the rich primary colors of the fabric, as inspired by the book.

Then, put the panels in near the top and sewed it all together.
I did meandering free-motion quilting, just like on the wonky star quilt.  It turned out ok- my Janome machine seems to get choked up on the top thread a bit, though.

I did actually remember to save a selvage to make a label this time.
And the final quilt...

Which was immediately taken over to my parents' house and loved on by my mom, my 6-year-old niece, and I'm sure the border collie as well.